2021 Alice Cares for Kids Radiothon

Tri-State G&T and Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

We are fundraising to give hope to Children's Hospital Colorado patients like Ben. 

At 11 years old, Ben was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor that affects the normal functioning of his central nervous system. The location of Ben’s brain tumor makes removal too risky. During the last two years, Ben has completed a dozen chemotherapy treatments to reduce swelling and stabilize the tumor. Brain fluid is now drained to an empty cavity in his abdomen. Continued brain pressure is impacting his cognitive development, making the typical challenges of being a 13-year-old that much harder. Doctors will closely monitor him the rest of his life.

Ben will not be the last child to face a life-threatening illness, and his family will not be the last to navigate a frightening diagnosis.

This year, Alice Cares for Kids Radiothon is celebrating 20 Years of Miracles made possible by our generous community. Thank you for supporting Children's Colorado patients and families. Your donation is greatly appreciated

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