2021 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour

Let's Ride-It's for the kids!
Let's Ride-It's for the kids!

Psyched to Climb

The Courage Classic Bicycle Tour is the single largest gathering of people coming together to raise money for Children's Hospital Colorado. The Psyched to Climb team will be riding to raise awarenss and money for all Colorado children with mental health challenges.  

In May 2021, a State of Emergency for pediatric mental health was declared by Children's Colorado. Our state has seen a 90% increase in demand for behavioral health treatment since Covid started. The suicide rate in Colorado is the 2nd highest in the nation and suicide is the leading cause of death in Colorado for kids ages 10-14. One in five youth are affected by mental illness and only one of three of those affected receive mental health services. On average, youth struggle with symptoms of mental health issues for eight to 10 years before accessing care. We know that early access to quality mental health care significantly improves outcomes, so we need to let families know it is necessary to speak up and seek services for their children.

Courage Classic aims to drive awareness and financial support for the care of children and families who require early prevention, ongoing therapy, and access to the medical professionals who can make a difference for kids who need it most…for the kids who have a much larger mountain to climb.

Whether you ride or not, there’s a way to help the cause.  


Join us.

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