2020 Courage Classic

Lupton Peddlers


Why We Ride...

We ride to give hope to Children's Hospital Colorado's patients and families in our Fort Lupton and surrounding communities This year, we ride to honor Thaddeus and to say thank you to the medical staff and other support personnel at Children's Hospital. Their commitment to provide the best medical care to children as well as support services to both the children and their families has been uhnwavering.

Our Thaddeus was born January 2013 in Garden City, Kansas. His mother knew something was not right and after two hours, she learned he had Downs Syndrome and serious health concerns, which included heart, spinal and auditory problems. In fact, he was deaf and due to spinal issues, it was unlikely he would ever walk. After relocating to Colorado, his mother found Children's Hospital and due to supporters like you, Thaddeus received Coclear Implants so he now hears and he communicates through sign language. He also received physical therapy, and he now runs and jumps like any other active little boy. His is doing great but continue to require monthly checkups at Children's Hospital for his heart and a fairly, recently discovered blood condition, all at minimal cost.

You know the stories of Noah, Kolton, Mac, Sara, and you now know of Thaddeus; we've ridden with thousands of other riders, each with his or her own story of a child in need. As we encountered these riders, they willingly shared their stories, even those that did not have the outcome they would have liked. Yet, each rider could talk about that doctor or special nurse who made the journey a little easier if just through their persistent and caring attitude. Thaddeus's mother reminded us that if not for the support and encouragement of the the medical professionals and staff at this hospital, Thaddeus' s journey might have had a different outcome.

Please consider a donation to any of our team member's personal fundraising pages to help ensure that Children's Hospital and its staff can continue to provide excellent support and service to those families in need. There are four team members this year (Troy, Jennifer, Gabby and me); please click on the name(s) and donate. Any amount is appreciated.

The Fort Lupton Peddlers

(Jennifer Norby, Gabby Norby, Troy Norby, Courtney Brock and Vira Brock- captain)

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