2019 Courage Classic

Ponzio Pedalers work together!!
Ponzio Pedalers work together!!

Ponzio Pedalers

Why we ride

It's our Lucky 13th Birthday Ponzio Pedalers!!! And this year is the 30th Courage Classic...it's a big one! Besides sporting the coolest jerseys at the whole Courage Classic (designed by a different patient every year), we are the team that rides to support the art, music, dance, movement, and yoga therapies of the Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program at Children's. That means our dollars buy art supplies, guitars, yoga mats, and pay the salaries of some of the most creative, transformational therapists at the hospital. Therapists who help kids find their own voices, recover from depression, and develop their own identities. Creative arts therapy gives children, adolescents, and families new ways to understand themselves and each other, and through that understanding, another chance. Kids are learning resiliency: how to handle bullying, how to develop their own self-esteem, and how to take care of each other. Most of all, kids are learning how to heal themselves.

Sound good? Join our team! And if not, you can donate to any of our team member's personal fundraising pages. Just click on their name and donate. Know that your dollars will be well-spent; an investment in the musical, peaceful, colorful, healthy future of our kids... thank you:)

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